Movies that Shed Light on Depression

In this day and age where mental health is already being prioritized, there are still some people who undermine the effects of depression. And no matter how much you explain it, they still think it’s just an exaggerated form of sadness. Sometimes, all you have to do is watch movies online on solarmovie about depression to make them feel and understand what it’s like.


Justine is a depressed girl who feels empty inside. She had trouble accepting her parent’s disappointment over her choice of husband. Her father-in-law, who is also her boss, constantly harasses her about her work. Meanwhile, a giant planet named Melancholia makes its way towards earth. With the inevitable destruction about to take place, she then decides to indulge in what she wants finding peace in the fact that the end is near. Learn more about it visit on

World’s Greatest Dad

This is a painful story about the struggles of single parenthood. The lead character is a struggling writer and poet and a single dad who is raising a disturbed child who is obsessed with pornography. This is considered to be one of the best films you should watch if you want to understand depression.

Girl Interrupted

Based on a true story, the heroine of this movie struggles with depression and a personality disorder. She gets in a psychiatric facility where she made friends and watched other people struggle with their own mental illnesses, eventually coming to a few realizations about herself.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

This movie is more about the common suicidal feelings that teens usually get wherein they think ending their lives will put an end to society’s pressures on them. The lead character struggles with getting by in life and the thought stresses him. His stress leads to his suicide attempt. Realizing that he needs help, he checks himself in a psychiatric facility.

Depression is not a laughing matter. If you know someone who is going through depression and you want to know more about it, check these films the next time you watch movies online.