Reptar w/ Icky Blossoms – The HiFi

Earnestness can go a long way for a live band. As much fun as I had watching Joyful Noise artist Reptar play their kitchen sink indie pop Wednesday night at the HiFi, what stood out most was the sincerity of their performance. The 7-piece was having a great time on-stage, and that translated to the vibe in the room. People were smiling and dancing, inhibitions cast away. It was sweet, really.

Reptar’s sound is difficult to describe: Lots of synths and percussion, yelpy but not grating vocals, and a two-piece horn section that serves as the not-so-secret weapon. Somehow they pull it all together without sacrificing melody or becoming too insular. The band focused on newest release, Lurid Glow, but found room for a few tracks from their first album, Body Faucet. I can’t honestly say the set had peak moments because the whole experience had an elevated feel. My suggestion: Go see them if they’re in your area. You’ll have a good time.

Icky Blossoms opened the show with their 80s-influenced new-wave, electro-dance pop. The Omaha band was a good pair with Reptar and set the stage well. Their second album is due from Saddle Creek next month.